Enriched with Flash MP3 Player

I was visiting Hemanth’s Blog when I saw that he had a site of his own now, dedicated to his musical musings (you can check it out here). I was mighty impressed by the custom Flash Player which was used to play the playlist of his songs… I longed to make a similar one, but knew my flash skills was not as good (I can make one in Flex easily, but Flash player 9 that Flex2 uses is not yet fully public)

But then, something in the right click menu caught my eye.. it said “FLASH MP3 PLAYER 2.0 by JEROENWIJERING”. I went to Jeroen’s site and downloaded the latest version of his player there…

The best part about it is that it is under the “Creative Commons Deed” so I can edit it and use it for my non-commercial purposes, by giving due credit to the creator. So here’s to Jeroen, for creating a simple but wonderfully useful application. Cheers!!

Now you can listen to all my songs in the sidebar to the right of the blog, rather than having to navigate to each post for the songs. Flash Rocks, so does Macromedia (now Adobe), who created it…. Yeee ha


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