My version of 3 State CheckBox

I was just looking at the compoenets on Mrinal’s FlexBox when I came across the 3 state checkbox by Alessandro Crugnola. It seemed a useful thing but what struck me was a bit different. This can be extended to a checkbox that can be used for a “Yes/No/Dont Know” Scenario, rather than having the initial state blank. So i edited Alessandro’s code and chnaged it to have 3 states. The 3 states are decided on the status of 2 flags – selected & cross

  • State 1– Undecided State (default) – selected & cross = false
  • State 2 – Crossed State – selected=false, cross=true – Shows the “NO” state
  • State 3 – Checked State – selected=true – Shows “YES” State

I know it could have been made better, but i just spent some 3 hrs on the component + the application below. Use the below Application to vote for my component. You can use the “View Source” to view and download the source of the application and the component.

Let me know what you think… Click this link to see the Application

I have observed that the View Source on the blogger page does not work. So go to the application and see the source


2 Responses to My version of 3 State CheckBox

  1. Anonymous says:

    State 4: Crossed & Seleted = true.
    Hey, I thought I ordered a cheeseburger.

  2. Kripa says:

    ok I enjoyed clicking on nice one:-) It really is neat!

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