My Favorites – My first Apollo App

Apollo has been out for some days now and being one of the guys on the Flex team working on Apollo, i felt that i should put out some Apollo App. I was planning stuff for so long that it never materialized 🙂

So today i decided to write one and wrote it in half hour. Its called “My Favorite App”. It reads your favorites from a text file on the file system (saved as links.txt) and loads them into your app and you can use it to switch between each of these easily. As of now the app, by default has Orkut, Yahoo Mail & Google Mail as the favorites.

My Favorites App

I’ll be soon getting out another version where you can edit/add favourites thru the app itself. But for now, you will have to manually edit the links.txt. What’s more i have also bundled the source of the app with the app itself. You can see how easy it is to write an app like this for the desktop.

But you’ll need the Apollo Runtime apollo0.jpg before you install this (like you need .NET framework to run .NET applications)

Then download the Installer for my App (called MyFavorites.air)

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