Calling all Flex Enthusiasts in Bangalore

March 10, 2007

Calling all Flex Enthusiasts in Bangalore.

John Koch (Adobe Developer Relation Manager, Asia) is going to be in Bangalore on Sunday (March 11, 2007) from 11.30 to 1.30 at the Casa Del Sol, Devata Plaza, Residency Road, Bangalore. Click here to view the whole details…

Be there if you want to be in the exciting space of FLEX Bangalore.


ThreeStateCheckBox… Bundled

March 9, 2007

I have bundled the 3 state checkbox now as a SWC (Shockwave Component). Also have done some changes to the component.You can download the SWC here and also view the source here

  1. Changed the cross property to crossed
  2. As per an anonymous’ comment, you cannot now set both crossed & selected properties on the component.


One thing to remember while using the SWC… You need to have the following namespace in the Application tag.


I have made a example to illustrate the above. You can view the source and the application at these links

The ominipresent Flickr Viewer

March 9, 2007

This is one of the most omini-present FLEX apps of all, the Flickr Viewer, the grandDad of all Flex Mashups. Here’s one on the Adobe Showcase. There are so many of them that people are sick of it (read this).

I did my own version of Flickr Viewer when i was doing a FLEX Workshop at Manipal in MIT. This was as a part of my alma mater’s technical fest TechTatva ’06. I thought I’ll put it up.

My Flickr Viewer
Everyone seems to be having one 🙂

This app uses Juan’s MAC OSX Theme. There are some known issues (I’ll try to sort them out as i get time)

  • It only gives you the first page of results
  • There’s a bug in the drag and drop functionality into the image when run remotely. Funny enough it works fine on the local system.

My version of 3 State CheckBox

March 8, 2007

I was just looking at the compoenets on Mrinal’s FlexBox when I came across the 3 state checkbox by Alessandro Crugnola. It seemed a useful thing but what struck me was a bit different. This can be extended to a checkbox that can be used for a “Yes/No/Dont Know” Scenario, rather than having the initial state blank. So i edited Alessandro’s code and chnaged it to have 3 states. The 3 states are decided on the status of 2 flags – selected & cross

  • State 1– Undecided State (default) – selected & cross = false
  • State 2 – Crossed State – selected=false, cross=true – Shows the “NO” state
  • State 3 – Checked State – selected=true – Shows “YES” State

I know it could have been made better, but i just spent some 3 hrs on the component + the application below. Use the below Application to vote for my component. You can use the “View Source” to view and download the source of the application and the component.

Let me know what you think… Click this link to see the Application

I have observed that the View Source on the blogger page does not work. So go to the application and see the source

Juan’s collection of awesome Themes

March 7, 2007

All of you looking to make cool Flex apps, especially those eyeing the “Adobe Developer Olympiad” in India, take a look at the cool themes on Juan Sanchez’s Blog. My favourites are as follows

  1. Obsidian
  2. Mac OS X
  3. Napkin Skin
  4. Shadow
  5. Messenger

Download them here…

flexcursion – calling all FLEX enthusiasts

March 7, 2007

I just joined It is a social network created by Juan Sanchez. Its motto is…

Meet fellow Flex 2 developers, check out some screen shots of other Flex 2 apps, get feedback on your Flex 2 projects and much more.

Be sure to tell other Flex enthusiasts.

I saw some big names in the FLEX Arena here, including Abdul Qabiz, Tariq Ahmed and Ted Patrick. Check it out…

Me on MXNA’s "Most Popular Posts in the Last Month" list

March 7, 2007

A couple of years back, if someone told me I would be working for Macromedia, I would have had a good laugh. Now 2 years down the line… I’m not only in Macromedia (now Adobe) but also working on this awesome technology called FLEX.

MXNA is Adobe’s (MXNA was started by Macromedia) news aggregator on its technologies. I was really surprised to see a post of mine, 5th on the most popular list of last month’s Flex Blog posts.

I felt like i was floating…

Click on the image to see a bigger image or go here