“Hello Blog World” thru ScribeFire

I’m writing this post from ScribeFire… It is a cool FireFox Addon which sits at the bottom of your FireFox as a small icon like and you can configure it and add multiple blogs and use it as a single interface for all your blogging. I had it installed on my firefox for a long time, but thanks to Nisheet for showing me its real use :)I guess I’ll switch to this for blogging from now on and i can now manage all my blogs (on blogspot as well as here on wordpress) from this…

Get the plugin here…

Powered by ScribeFire.


2 Responses to “Hello Blog World” thru ScribeFire

  1. nisheet says:

    There is one more thing in this series WordPress sidebar. You can have a look
    https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/2996. But I think our scribefire is better. Uff..How I forgot to tell you about Live Writer? Microsoft product!!! Has got integration with wordpress also. The good thing is that it is a desktop application so it allows you to write your drafts even when you are offline. Plus a better rich text editor (has got integration with live maps).

    And the biggest advantage I could think of is that I can completely create my full post (after including all images etc.) and then post everything in one shot. Thus you don’t need to upload all those images which you want to add to your blog page. Just add it offline. Ya even using drag and drop from the desktop to the writer window. Saves bandwidth, saves time!!!

  2. Ona D. says:

    That’s great you got ScribeFire to work. I am trying right now but it keeps telling me the API URL is wrong. Would you mind sharing the secret to your magic? šŸ™‚ In other words, how you configured it to work? Thanks!

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