Hello Silverlight… KaBoom !!

I just had my first experience with SilverLight (for those who came in late.. it used to be called Microsoft WPF/E  and now they have changed it). I read about it on Ryan Stewart’s Blog and went to the Microsoft site here…

And… KaBoom… Browser Crash. My FireFox went bonkers (probably it hates all things Microsoft). And someone has said that “First Impression is the Best Impression”

Anyway.. it didnt crash the next time i went in there (probably my FF got used to it). I downloaded the plugin and saw the promo video… Typical Microsoft, really awesome PR.

The next step was to look at a Silverlight apps… This one looked “inspired” by Ely’s FlexBook. Frankly… i wasnt too impressed. There were some abnormalities in the mouse interactions (probably due to coding than due to the technology). But i would say a good start. The other demos were nice.

I would still agree with Ted that it looks like a Flash clone and has its own inherent problems. Read what Ted has to say about this. SilverLight comes with a motto “Light Up the Web”… Lets wait and watch if it lights up the web or torches the competition.


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