Getting on the Flex Highway – How to get up to speed with Flex (done)

June 20, 2007

Thank you all for attending the seminar…

Sorry about the glitches with the audio. I guess the bandwidth got chocked.

The seminar was in 2 parts.

  1. Introduction to Flex
  2. Get up to speed with Flex

To view the recording and download the presentation go to this link (and see the 3rd Seminar). It links to the flexapacseminars project on google code. The audio seems to have a bit of lag…


Getting on the Flex Highway – How to get up to speed with Flex

June 18, 2007

I would like to invite you all to a this week’s Flex APAC Tech Wednesday eSeminar. We have it scheduled on 20th June 2007. At 4pm IST.
You can check for the local time at your city by clicking this link: World Clock…

Topic : Getting on the Flex Highway – How to get up to speed with Flex

The session is a non-technical one… intended for people who are getting started with Flex and covers the set of resources that they can tap into for the same… It intends to collate the diverse set of resources available on the net for this purpose…

Duration : I hope to finish in 60 mins ๐Ÿ™‚

Connect URL :

Chennai FUG on 8th June – Pics

June 16, 2007

Being my usual self… I forgot to take pics at the Chennai FUG (same thing happened to me at Bangalore). Thanks to Uday, who rounded up who ever was left and clicked some photos…


 We at Hey Math

We at Hey Math

After the FUG meetin

After the FUG meeting with Anantaraman,

Uday & Others…

Chennai FUG on 8th June

June 15, 2007

I couldn’t write this earlier because of project deadlines… we finally have Flex 3 Beta 1 out on Adobe Labs… Go try it out.

Anyway… On June 8th,ย  I was in Chennai, talking in the BEA Dev2Dev Conference there on integrating Flex with BEA’s Web Logic Portal Server. I addressed a crowd of about 100 people and had a wonderful time spreading the “Flex Cheer”.

Once this finished… I headed to HeyMath Inc, where we had the first Chennai FUG. It was a pleasure meeting Mr. Anantaraman and his colleagues at HeyMath as we prepared for the FUG. While that, he showed me the work HeyMath is doing and boy, was I bowled over or what? I would definitely recommend the parents of kids between 5th and 12th classesย  to take a look at HeyMath and how it would help your kid… Kudos guys.

The Chennai FUG had about 20 guys (and ladies… a sizable number at that), and I was pleasently surprised by the construction of the core. While Bangalore saw people mostly from Java, C++ & .NET background walking in… Here what we had was Flash Designers, Ruby Users along with the Java crowd.

People were talking of AS2 -AS3 differences and we had a ball of a time discussing Flex. This really seems to be an FUG that’s gonna go really well ๐Ÿ™‚

Flex APAC eSeminar files on Google Code

June 7, 2007

During the last seminar, people complained of having lots of problems accessing the URLs of the eSeminars recordings & files. I thought we could collate it a single place. So I have gone ahead and created a Flex APAC Seminars Google Code Project which will host all the resources used in the eSeminars.

You can access the following information there…

  • Use the Wiki tab to find what each of the eSeminars contained. It has a wholesome info on what the seminar was on, when it was done, the host and the topic. It also provides links to the recordings and the zipped archives of the files & resources used in the seminar.
  • Use the Download tab to directly download the files (you can also go to the wiki and download from the link there)

For convenience, I have split the wiki into pages, each having information on 10 eSeminars. You can use this to access all the resources connected to each of the seminars. Do send me if you have any suggestions on this.

Flex APAC eSeminar series 2 – AS3 for OO Programmers

June 7, 2007

We had the second edition of the Flex APAC eSeminar Series yesterday. Harish from the Flex team here took the session on “AS3 for OO Programmers”. I was there with him to help with the logistics and to take the questions when Harish was doing the presentation.

It went off very well, much more successful than the initial trial run. We had a total attendance of 67 people, though mostly from India. Moving forward, we want the rest of APAC to actively participate too. We are working towards that.

Harish covered basics of AS3 and some nuances like converting an MXML code to AS and the component lifecycle workflow and things. I think it he did a great job. What’s more, there was a lot of interaction with and within the community which was very encouraging. Follow the following links for more details

  1. Link to the recording of the connect session
  2. Link to the resources/ppts/files, used in the presentation

Looking forward to meeting more of you in the seminars to come ๐Ÿ™‚

Elliptical Video Display

June 5, 2007

There are cases where one might require the video to be, say elliptical, instead of the usual rectangular appearance, as below…

This is how to do it. A very easy trick, using the basic drawing APIs of Flash. We just create a mask and then ask the VideoDisplay to wear it. Follow the steps below…

  1. Create a Sprite instance (say myMask)
  2. Use the graphics APIs to draw the required mask – I have used beginFill() and drawRoundRect() functions on the Object
  3. Set the x & y properties of the mask
  4. Add it to the VideoDisplay instance
  5. Set the mask property on the VideoDisplay instance to myMask

In my app, I have done the Sprite object generation and addition to the component, on creationComplete itself, as I am providing a way of dynamically changing the mask. Because of this, one will find a, each time the applyMask() method runs… I have also added code to add drop-shadow to the Video, using the filters property, to increase the “Flex Appeal” ๐Ÿ™‚

View the Application | Download Source