Today, we had the first Bangalore Flex User Group (BFUG) meeting at Aztechsoft office near Diary Circle (in our own office building). We had, in all about 20 people (of which 9 were Adobe guys).

It started off with introductions and the usual “chit-chat” by Prayank. I pleasently surprised that most of them knew me thru my blog. It was a small group but a good start. We went around trying to get a sense of people’s expectations from the user group and the kind of interactions that we can have to make this UG a success.

Most people had just started off with Flex (as I expected to be the case). The major part of the meeting was to know opinions, pain points, concerns, reflections about Flex as a technology. Though the crowd was small we had the whole hog of people there… guys from Java background, .NET, Freshers, J2EE et al.

The rest of the time,we introduced the resources available online about Flex, places where they can get answers to their questions and concerns, how to find custom components, open source Flex initiatives. Things that came up in this regard were…

Watch FlexIndia for news of when & where the next meeting will be. Mean while Harish will be doing the next APAC Wednesday eSeminar on the topic of “ActionScript 3” on next Wednesday, 6th June 2007. Will keep you guys posted on that too. You can find details of the same again on FlexIndia and possibly here on my blog too… If you have suggestions on how the UG should take shape, drop me a line… I’m more than interested in hearing your views on this 🙂


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