Flex APAC eSeminar files on Google Code

During the last seminar, people complained of having lots of problems accessing the URLs of the eSeminars recordings & files. I thought we could collate it a single place. So I have gone ahead and created a Flex APAC Seminars Google Code Project which will host all the resources used in the eSeminars.

You can access the following information there…

  • Use the Wiki tab to find what each of the eSeminars contained. It has a wholesome info on what the seminar was on, when it was done, the host and the topic. It also provides links to the recordings and the zipped archives of the files & resources used in the seminar.
  • Use the Download tab to directly download the files (you can also go to the wiki and download from the link there)

For convenience, I have split the wiki into pages, each having information on 10 eSeminars. You can use this to access all the resources connected to each of the seminars. Do send me if you have any suggestions on this.


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