Flex APAC eSeminar series 2 – AS3 for OO Programmers

We had the second edition of the Flex APAC eSeminar Series yesterday. Harish from the Flex team here took the session on “AS3 for OO Programmers”. I was there with him to help with the logistics and to take the questions when Harish was doing the presentation.

It went off very well, much more successful than the initial trial run. We had a total attendance of 67 people, though mostly from India. Moving forward, we want the rest of APAC to actively participate too. We are working towards that.

Harish covered basics of AS3 and some nuances like converting an MXML code to AS and the component lifecycle workflow and things. I think it he did a great job. What’s more, there was a lot of interaction with and within the community which was very encouraging. Follow the following links for more details

  1. Link to the recording of the connect session
  2. Link to the resources/ppts/files, used in the presentation

Looking forward to meeting more of you in the seminars to come 🙂


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