Chennai FUG on 8th June

I couldn’t write this earlier because of project deadlines… we finally have Flex 3 Beta 1 out on Adobe Labs… Go try it out.

Anyway… On June 8th,  I was in Chennai, talking in the BEA Dev2Dev Conference there on integrating Flex with BEA’s Web Logic Portal Server. I addressed a crowd of about 100 people and had a wonderful time spreading the “Flex Cheer”.

Once this finished… I headed to HeyMath Inc, where we had the first Chennai FUG. It was a pleasure meeting Mr. Anantaraman and his colleagues at HeyMath as we prepared for the FUG. While that, he showed me the work HeyMath is doing and boy, was I bowled over or what? I would definitely recommend the parents of kids between 5th and 12th classes  to take a look at HeyMath and how it would help your kid… Kudos guys.

The Chennai FUG had about 20 guys (and ladies… a sizable number at that), and I was pleasently surprised by the construction of the core. While Bangalore saw people mostly from Java, C++ & .NET background walking in… Here what we had was Flash Designers, Ruby Users along with the Java crowd.

People were talking of AS2 -AS3 differences and we had a ball of a time discussing Flex. This really seems to be an FUG that’s gonna go really well 🙂


One Response to Chennai FUG on 8th June

  1. udayms says:

    u got the photos i had mailed?

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