The Flex Show…

I hit upon a very nice site today… The Flex Show is a podcast service run by Ryan Stewart and Jeff Houser

It has interviews by some awesome names in the Flex arena, ranging from Matt Chotin  to Juan Sanchez and the latest in the list being Doug Mccune… Do check it out. I’m adding this to my blogs to watch list 🙂

For Flex Beginners, do check out his first podacast… Talks about a lot of stuff that i did in my e-seminar

Enjoy ! 🙂


6 Responses to The Flex Show…

  1. grfxguru says:

    I have listened to the Podcast for a while and it needs some work still, but they are heading in the right direction I think and wish them all the best.

  2. raghunathrao says:

    I agree Peter… Its just that I have been craving for something like this for a while now.
    Good to see it finally out there. Feeling bad i missed it until now 🙂

  3. grfxguru says:

    Being a recent Flex convert (long time Flash developer) I’m all for anything I can find on Flex, and at the same time let me thank the entire Flex team for doing such a great job!

  4. raghunathrao says:

    Thanks a lot man… we really appreciate it 🙂
    For more resources, check out my webcasts

  5. Jeff Houser says:

    Thanks for listening and the write up.

    If you have comments, let us know what we can do better.

  6. Fábio Lucas says:


    I think your article is very interesting!

    That´s exactly what I need but with one detail missing. Some columns in my flex datagrid has customized item renderers and I do not know what to do in this case.

    Because, during the real time column reordering, the item renderer goes with the moved column normally, but, when I restore the settings from the sharedObject, just the headerText, width and DataField properties are moved, but not the Item Renderer.

    I´ve already tried to put a “columnObject.itemRenderer = dgData.columns[i].itemRenderer;” code, but it won´t work.

    Do you have any ideas on how to solve this problem ?

    Thanks in advance.

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