Flex India is going great guns

Flex India is going great guns… Gone are the times when I, Mrinal & Abdul, among others were plotting how to get Flex to take off in India. It seems like ages back when we had the first Flex Developers meeting at Bangalore to brainstorm with John Koch, about the future of the Flex Community in India. Flex India today is not only up on its feet, but its ready for the race. Here are some stats that prove it…

FlexCoders is the grapewine for all Flex Community. Its a thriving group which has more than 7500 ( 7518 to be precise) people registered. This group has earned its reputation as a prime point where people can get their questions answered. Now lets compare it with the nascent group that is Flex-India.

Flex-India started off in July 2006 (while FlexCoders has been around from March 2004). It already has 430 people registered on it. This might look like a small number, but is sizable considering the fact that flexCoders is an international congregation of Flex developers, while Flex-India is regional. Just last month, we had more than 30 people joining the group, which is a very encouraging sight.

Another exciting factor is the traffic on flex-india. Take a look at the statistics below.

I tried to compare these monthly figures as a percentage of the corresponding traffic on flexcoders. This is what came out of it (I know i could have done these charts much better in Flex, but I just wanted to learn how to create charts in Excel 🙂 )

Click on the graph to see the full stats

I couldn’t believe that the average traffic on flex-india in the last 3 months has been around 20% as much as that on flexcoders. The fact that flexCoders is about 60 times the size of flex-india, just adds to the pride. I realize that these figurers are powered by the Services Companies in India and their clients abroad, but still the fact that the Flex Developer base in India is on a steady rise is a very heartening fact.

Additionally, it is personally gratifying to see that this rise began after March 2007, when we all got together and decided to do something about the Flex Community in India. Kudos to Mrinal who has been the cornerstone of community development in India from outside of Adobe. Being a flex developer himself for SAP, his passion for Flex matches that of any engineer on the Flex Team.

The flex developer community in India is getting stronger by the day. We now have active communities in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Bangalore and many more mushrooming by the day. Flex is Rocking India and India is Rocking Flex… This achievement is remarkable and I congratulate everyone who have been involved. Way to go 🙂


19 Responses to Flex India is going great guns

  1. xnegvx says:

    Hey man, Glad to see flex is gaining popularity in India. Its an awsome technology. I am just learning the ropes but still it was easy to create a whole application by looking at the examples

  2. This post is my morning breakfast! 🙂 Lets rock!

  3. Anand says:

    Hi buddy,
    First of all congratulations on such a nice article about emergence of Flex in India. dude really hats off to the guys who started this. Last month when John Koch and Puneet was here in Mumbai I met him and discussed the next steps for the Flex promotions. I think UI guys would take a serious note on it and start learning flex as it is going to give a damn good competition to them at UI designing.

  4. Saurabh says:

    Theres no doubt!!about it.Flex is like a crush!!..the moment you realize thats its so easy to develop RIAs with flex you fall in love with it.Though its always hard to convince ppl about the benefits of a new technology but flex speaks for itself.Applications built with flex draw attention by itself.

  5. A very nice comparison dude, I knew the stats but never realized we compared so well with flexcoders … Cheers !!!

    It really doesn’t seem that it was less than 6 months ago when you, me , Abdul and John were discussing what do we need to do to get Flex more popularity in India …. things have changed a lot since then but the community still needs a lot of help …. back to my old rants .. Books, Training etc 😀

    Lastly, thanks a lot for appreciating my efforts 🙂 …. there were many others who played a big part in this and I’m glad I helped.

  6. Abdul Qabiz says:

    Thanks for stats, indeed encouraging… Keep it up guys…


  7. congratulation to flex-india team 🙂

    credit goes to core members mrinal, raghu, abdul, manish and all great names (Y)


  8. raghunathrao says:

    Thanks a lot guys for all the encouragement that has kept Flex-India going… More to follow 😀

  9. NeYawn says:

    Yup,indeed.Its less than a week since I strated off working on the flex builder and I have loved it. And thanks for all the help and support.

  10. Mike Potter says:

    http://www.google.com/trends?q=%22adobe+flex%22&ctab=0&geo=all&date=all&sort=0 should give you some more insight into how popular Flex is in India as well.


  11. raghunathrao says:

    Wow Mike…. I never knew this… thanks a lot

  12. Sunil Bannur says:

    Great work Raghu, but surely next time lets do a flex chart 🙂

  13. […] I am  done with the Flex Builder 2 Getting Started Guide. And as someone commented here, Flex is indeed like a crush. You kinda fall in love with it(As of me, I keep falling in and out of […]

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  15. Lenny says:


    I was wondering if you have made you Flex 2 example with overlays available yet.

    This continues (Overlays) to be a struggle for me in Flex2 for displaying in playing flv’s.

    Thanks for any response.


  16. […] As far as I know, the group was started somewhere in mid July of 2006 by Manish Jethani, it stayed quite dormant during its early months, about a year ago it had 43 members and the number of discussions was starting to increase, today as we speak the group has 1003 members and 1079 messages were posted last month. A few months ago, Raghu had done an analysis of how well the group was doing.. […]

  17. It’s great to see people getting on board with this great new platform. Along with being [flex]able 🙂 the platform is powerful. I can’t wait to see what kinds of apps we see in the near future

  18. shabby says:

    I am new to Adobe AIR .I have found that the iframe of the google map being used in my application does not load whenever there is a proxy internet connection .But this does not happen when there is a direct connection to internet.Can u please provide a solution.If u mail it to me or post it on the blog either ways , that would be fine too as it is urgent

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