Flex Trends around the world…

A very special thanks to Mike Potter for bringing this to my notice. It is really exciting to see the trends analysis of adobe flex on Google Trends. Take a look…

Its really thrilling to see not only that India is on the top of the trends list, but also that Bangalore and Chennai tops the list of cities where the “flex” trend is really catching on… Wow, I didn’t know that Flex was so big a rage in India 🙂

I understand that any trend graph almost always kind of follows the below pattern and the above results are more of a validation of where the different countries are on the trend-graph rather than on the adoption of the trend itself. As the below graph suggests (Disclaimer: the graph is an illustration of a personal opinion and not based on any statistics), the adoption is already at a much higher state in the US than in India. This in turn, puts India on the list of countries where the adoption is low, but the adoption rate is higher than that in the US.

Since this adoption rate, rather than the adoption itself is the basis of Google trends, it is to be understood that the popularity of Flex might be much higher in US than in India. But its still great to see that India is keen to hop on to the flex bandwagon…


One Response to Flex Trends around the world…

  1. xnegvx says:

    It is indeed surprising, pleasantly ofcourse. Great to see that there are people who are actively looking at newer/different tech. A welcome break from the usual .Net and VB crowd. Now if only I can master flex 😀

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