I’m a Flex Evangelist

My benevolent employers at Adobe have fulfilled my dream, and granted me the title of Technical Evangelist in the Flex Product line. I’m really thrilled to be taking up this position… To be part of a team that boasts of names like Ryan Stewart, Ted Patrick, James Ward and Duane Nickull is an honor in itself.

It seems like a long time back that I came into Macromedia and into the Flex team at the fag end of the Flex1.5 cycle. 2 years have gone and we are in the middle of Flex3. To have seen flex grow from a small enterprise product to a hugely popular RIA technology and then progressing onto the desktop with AIR and finally going open-source, has been really emotional journey. Now I start the second leg. But as Spidey says “With great power comes great responsibility!” 🙂

I’ll now be a part of the Tech Evangelism team based out of India which includes Prayank & Ramesh. But my work is not India specific and would love to hear from individuals and communities worldwide. I personally would like to see Flex taking over the world. The potential is really there… as we see by the statistics in India and elsewhere. There are a lot of really knowledgeable people out there, but they need to be brought onto a global platform to interact and innovate. And hopefully I can help.

So if you think you have any idea that can help chalk out that future, feel free to contact me on my personal email id. If you are running a Flex user community in your city or country itself, we would really like to know. Community has been the backbone of the success of all products at Adobe (and erstwhile Macromedia) and its concerns will surely remain as one of our primary concerns in the future too. Now with Flex going open source, I can really say,

Flex is a software of the people,
by the people, for the people !


11 Responses to I’m a Flex Evangelist

  1. Peter says:

    congrats Raghu, sounds like a wonderful job — I’m sure Flex has a bright future in India.

  2. Congrats Raghu! Wish you all the best in your new journey as Flex Evangelist. 🙂

  3. Chris B says:

    Raghu, I am pushing for flex in our company here in Sydney Australia. Just have to convince our Java developers that its easier, faster and much sexier than your average Java front end..

  4. Elango says:

    Congrats Raghu! 🙂

  5. Very cool!! Congratulations hope to hear lot’s more good things from you.

  6. You truly deserve that credit.
    and Congrats Once Again….

  7. Arul Kumaran says:

    Congrats Ragu! Welcome to our new Flex Evangelist 🙂

  8. Aasim says:

    Congratulations Raghu!

    All the best for your new role as an Evangelist.

  9. Ryan Stewart says:

    Awesome man! Can’t wait to come out there to Bangalore (or have you come state side).


  10. Hey Raghu..congrats man.. best wishes for your future endeavors

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