30 days of free Flex 2 online training from TotalTraining

A lot of people have blogged about this… but still I think this is really worth another mention. Total Training has come up with a 30 days of free Flex 2 online training on their website. This is very exciting for those programmers who are itching to give Flex a try, but are at loss of books and training materials.

Here’s what you should do…

  • Hit this link – www.totaltraining.com/guest/adobe
  • This will lead you to the Online Training Activation page. Note down the Activation Code in the “How to Redeem” section
  • Either sign in or register for an account
  • Enter your activation code, activate it and then proceed to training

NOTE : This training is valid only till Dec 31st 2007, so sign in as early as possible and also remember that this is a 30 day rial, so you have 30 days to complete your training…

I will be giving this training a spin myself, to see the way it is structured. Will provide comments as they come when I go through the trainings.


5 Responses to 30 days of free Flex 2 online training from TotalTraining

  1. ismail123 says:

    how much fee u charge for this training .

  2. raghunathrao says:

    Hi Ismail… As i said… this is FREE till Dec 31st 🙂

  3. Jitender says:


    We are looking for a training consultant to help us in doing FLEX training. Pls. contact us @ 9880660787.

  4. Murle says:

    Hi.. am new to flex very much interested in learning it.. but i didn get any proper institution or help for me.. am worrying a lot i tried through the books i can understand but i dont know how to work on the real time application. wil u be able to help me.
    Murle Kr

    • Ahinjay says:

      Murle, Try out with Ahinjay.com. We conduct free RIA Demo sessions every week and virtual/on-line FLEX courses & full fledged workshops (professional services) for beginners & flex developers. Ahinjay is based out of Hyderabad, India. In fact we did love to help you jump into the Flex band wagon -contact us @ 040-42215075, 9177737727 or info@ahinjay.com

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