Manipal Flex Workshop…

I did a 2 day workshop on Flex at Manipal Institute of Technology, my own alma mater. It was fun to go back to Manipal after all these years and to do a workshop. The students were very enthusiastic (as always) and had a great 2 days at the workshop.

Day1 started off with Flex Basics of MXML & AS and then went onto talk about controls/ containers and how to design your app. We did a mockup of the UI and then talked about styling the application and using states to enhance them.

Day 2 was all about Data. We talked about the event model and how to display and manipulate data using ArrayCollections. There were hands on sessions on ItemRenderers and I introduced ItemEditors to them. The fag end of the workshop was how to get data into your app, so that you can complete your application. They also played around with CSS and Debug modes in FlexBuilder.

The workshop ended on a high note where I put a challenge before them to create a picture viewer, complete with states and itemRenderers. An Adobe T-Shirt was in the offing. People took onto the task with immense interest and in the end there was a close finish between two guys. The winner got the TShirt and also got to explain his code to the audience.

The only downside of the whole workshop was the connectivity (which sucked to say the least) and the bus journey (for me) to and fro Manipal -Bangalore, which was a back-breaking exercise due to bad roads. I then roamed around the campus, reliving memories and eating at those favourite joints from my college days.

Nostalgia is so sweet đŸ™‚

Lets look at the code now đŸ™‚


The winner explaining his code



You could alter your code like this



With some of the workshop attendees



The football ground at Manipal



At End Point – The Quintessential Manipal snap


One Response to Manipal Flex Workshop…

  1. Ashis Kumar Sinha says:

    First of all Congrats!!!
    The workshop was really awesome… it rocked [:)]
    We all had fun learning and interacting with one of our very own Senior..
    Now I have got a platform from where i can start up using flex
    I am planning to Redisgn the website which i had designed for a club using flex.
    In case i get stuck somewhere i know where to look fwd to..

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