FB on Linux – Beneath the Surface

I thought it would be worthwhile to look beneath the covers and explore a little bit more of FlexBuilder on Linux (I still need to get used to calling it that, having called it by the code name for so long).

1. Unsupported Features

  • Design view
  • States view
  • Refactoring
  • AIR support
  • Automated testing
  • Data Wizards
  • ColdFusion Extensions to Flex Builder
  • Web Services introspection
  • Profiler
  • Data Visualization components

What you need to understand is that the above features may be unsupported for many reasons. It may well be that it is not still implemented or that we want the community to speak up on which of these features is desired, if so. So let your voice be heard on the FB Linux Forum

2. System Requirements

  • This release of FB Linux requires Sun JRE 1.5.x and Eclipse 3.3
  • Flex Builder Linux Alpha only supports Firefox (all versions).
  • Flex Builder Linux requires the debug version of Flash Player (Linux) to support debugging applications from within Flex Builder Linux alpha. Download it here…

3. Logging Bugs on FB Linux

As I mentioned earlier. You can log bugs on FlexBuilder Linux on our Flex Public BugBase under the FB Linux Project. It would really help us if you can provide the following information while doing so.

  • Which platform & version on Linux are you working on?
  • The exact steps for reproducing

What you need to remember here is that a bug may be due to various reasons…

  1. A bug in the FB Linux code
  2. A bug in the FlexBuilder itself (Win, MAC & Linux)
  3. A bug in Eclipse
  4. A compatibility issue in a specific OS
  5. Others (in the SDK… etc)

If your bug falls in the (2) Category, it would be great if you can log the bug under the FlexBuilder project instead of the FB Linux project. This would help us solve the bugs in a speedy manner.

For more details, you can view the FB Linux Release Notes and FAQs


2 Responses to FB on Linux – Beneath the Surface

  1. This is such good news for my productivity, and that of all the other Linux Flex developers out there.
    Cheers Adobe. I must buy you a drink πŸ™‚

  2. Arijit Chatterjee says:

    Hey Tom, where are you located. I tend to travel really far and wide for free drinks and am sure I can get to you πŸ™‚

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