How do I get Data Visualization Charting Components for FB Linux?

I was reading the FB Linux FAQs and came across the question that became the title of this post. The answer was…

While the Data Visualization and Charting components are not part of the Flex Builder Linux Alpha, it is possible to purchase a Flex Builder 3 Professional license (either Mac or Win) and move the licensed datavisualization.swc file over to your Linux installation. This process has been explained by various users in our forums and is acceptable under the terms of your Flex Builder 3 license.

This answer didn’t make me happy. I tried googling for the exact solution, but in vain. So I decided to post the solution myself. Here it is. The trick to make this work lies in 2 swc files existant in your Flex SDK Folder.

Pre-Requisite: You need to have an SDK with Data Visualization Charting Components already installed.

When you install FlexBuilder on Windows/MAC, it already comes the Data Visualization Charting Components installed, but with a watermark on them. If you have the serial number, then the watermark goes away. Now this is what you need to do…

Caution: Please make sure that your SDK installations on Linux & Win/Mac are compatible before you follow the steps below. To do this go to [FB Install Folder]/sdks/3.0.0/bin folder and type the following on the command-line (or terminal) to ascertain the version numbers are the same.

mxmlc -version (on WIN)

./mxmlc -version (on MAC/Linux)

Steps to Install Data Visualization Charting Components for Linux

  1. Go to the [FB Install Folder]/sdks/3.0.0/ folder on your WIN/MAC
  2. Get the following files…
    • [FB Install Folder]/sdks/3.0.0/frameworks/libs/datavisualization.swc
    • [FB Install Folder]/sdks/3.0.0/frameworks/locale/en_US/ datavisualization_rb.swc
    • [FB Install Folder]/sdks/3.0.0/frameworks/
  3. Copy this to your FB Linux installation in the same directory structure as above

This should get Data Visualization Charting Components working on Linux, complete with code-hinting. Let me know if you have any problems.

Addendum: I had overlooked the need for continuing to use Charts in Flex2.0.1 on FlexBuilder. In that case, you can copy the file [FB Install Folder]/sdks/2.0.1/frameworks/libs/charts.swc to the same location in the 2.0.1 SDK delivered with the FB Linux. You can also copy the file [FB Install Folder]/ sdks/ frameworks/ from your 2.0.1 SDK in Windows to the same location in the 2.0.1 SDK in Linux. This should get rid of the watermark if you have a license.


One Response to How do I get Data Visualization Charting Components for FB Linux?

  1. Larry says:

    Hi, I tried following this procedure, but there is no file in my sdk 3.0.
    There is one in the sdk 2.0. I upgraded from flex 2 builder to flex 3, and data visualization
    works fine on my windows box — compiling from the IDE. Is the file
    really necessary? If so, I wonder why I don’t have it. I ran across a posting from
    someone else who didn’t have the file, but he never got a response.



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