Me at Yahoo! HackDay India

Today I am at Yahoo! HackDay India, happening at Taj Residency in Bangalore. If you are here please drop by for a chat. I’m also doing 2 sessions at HackDay, one on Flex & another on AIR, complete with some live coding demos. So do drop in if you are interested. Starts at 15:30 hrs. Then I’ll move onto participating in the HackDay! itself.

Happy Hacking… Looking forward to a really fun weekend 🙂

Update at 16:00 hrs

I just finished my Flex Coding demo, I’ll be doing a AIR Demo too. Here’s the application I built doing my demo…

Flex App | ItemRenderer | AIR App

Update at 18:00 hrs

Hackday declared open. Me, Swaroop and his friend Pradeep are teaming up. On with ideas.

Update at 22:00 hrs

Going strong after dinner… still struggling with the first version of the app 🙂

Update at 00:00 hrs

16:44:40 to go. We still haven’t reached anywhere… Having fun though !!!

Update at 02:55 hrs

13:46:20 to go. We have the first UI prototype & the data schema. Data mining still continues 🙂

Update at 04:40 hrs

12:00:00 to go. We are halfway through and RedBulls keep me going…

Update at 05:40 hrs

11:00:00 to go. Good Night for a while…

Update at 16:40 hrs

00:00:00 to go…

Done…. Our app is ready and is called Flick Off

Its a Flex Mashup App that lets you search for a movie and presents data from various sources (Yahoo Movies, IMDB, youTube) and lets you decide if you want to watch the movie or not… Then you can actually go and rent it from

It was done in Flex, with Python and Django doing the backend magic…

It was fun hacking with Pradeep (the Django specialist) and Swaroop (The Python guru) on this. Its been a while since I had so much fun programming…


One Response to Me at Yahoo! HackDay India

  1. fred says:

    I found a cool turbogears/flex demo done by Jim Ward and Bruce Eckels. I’ve been looking for a similar starting point for django.

    Is your code posted somewhere, I didn’t see a link on your blog.

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