Glitch with Google Maps API & AIR on Windows

I was trying to learn Script Bridging with a tutorial on The tutorial shows an example with Google Maps API and using the HTML component in AIR to interact between the AS & JS parts of the App. Pretty interesting.

What was more interesting was an error that I encountered during the development of the App… While running the app with the API key duly filled in, it generated the following error…

“Google Maps API key used on this website was registered for a different website”

What was even more puzzling was that i could run the HTML alright (with the Maps) in the browser from a local html file. Did some poking around and found that this was a known issue with AIR on Windows (it works fine on the MAC) and is being tracked… Check out the details here…

The short answer is as of now you’ll have to deploy the app on a web-server. Here is the source code of the AIR app

Application Source



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