Adobe 25th Anniversary Celebrations at Parikrama Foundation

December 1982 John Warnock and Chuck Geschke left Xerox PARC and founded Adobe Systems with $2.5 million in seed money from a venture capitalist. The company was named after the creek that ran behind John’s home in Los Altos, CA. As this December dawns, Adobe celebrates its 25th birthday. Celebrations are kicking off in all Adobe offices across the world and we here in Adobe Bangalore decided to do something special…

Parikrma Humanity Foundation is a nonprofit company aiming to help the poorest of the poor break their cycle of poverty and to enable them to live meaningfully. To do this they provide them the tools necessary to succeed in a knowledge based world. We at Adobe are proud that Adobe is sponsoring a whole school that is being run by Parikrama at Jayanagar, Bangalore. This was initiated last year, when our earstwhile CEO, Bruce Chizen was here and today that facility is known as Adobe Parikrama

Adobe Parikrama

So we decided to celebrate our 25th Birthday with these kids and we had a great time today. Here are some pics from the same.

The Adobe 25 cake

All lit up…

Eagerly waiting

The volunteers

Blow the candles

Cut the cake

Singing Happy Birthday Adobe 🙂

The kids even wrote poems for us and it was beautiful hearing them. I was amazed by their command of English which enabled them to write such wonderful poems. Go Parikrama…

A poem for Adobe

The poems

There’s a card too 😀

Cake time…

Serving cakes with lunch

Yummy !

A prayer for Adobe



One Response to Adobe 25th Anniversary Celebrations at Parikrama Foundation

  1. Rashmi Soni says:

    Cool ….its like a picture story 🙂

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