Breaking News: Adobe Announces Open Source Technologies for Enterprise RIAs called BlazeDS

Adobe today announced the labs release of its remoting and messaging technologies under a new open source product named BlazeDS. Now, developers can easily connect to back-end distributed data, as well as push data in real-time to their Flex and AIR applications, for more responsive RIA experiences for no cost at all…

This is particularly exciting for me as one of the biggest hindrances to the advancement of Flex in India was that companies were reluctant to buy license of LiveCycle ES, just for a data-push capability. With BlazeDS, developers can add data connectivity to RIAs for real-time collaboration and data-push capabilities that enable better decision-making and more engaging user experiences for no cost at all.

Previously available only as part of Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES, the technologies included in BlazeDS, along with the Action Message Format (AMF) protocol specification, are being contributed to open source under the Lesser General Public License (LGPL v3), and are available immediately as public beta on Adobe Labs. Here are the links for more details…


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