The initRIA Conference Experience…

The initRIA conference conducted by the Bangalore Flex User Group on Sunday, 16th Dec, 2007 was just awesome. It was a platform for me to learn a lot of things, meet other fellow Flex enthusiasts and network with guys from startups who were trying out Flex. The event had a lot of people talking on several topics…

  • Data Visualization in Flex – by Me
  • RIAjaxified – Rakshith, Adobe
  • Designing RIAs with RC pattern – Yash Mody, TeknoPoint Multimedia
  • Flash for Flex developers – Bhavin Padhiyar, SAP
  • Building Live Documents – An online Office suite leveraging RIA technologies by Sumanth Raghavendra and Adarsh Kini, InstaColl
  • Optimizing Flex and AS3 – Mrinal Wadhwa, SAP
  • Developing Flex RIAs with Cairngorm Microarchitecture Debabrata Acharjee, CapGemini
  • and a Birds of a feather session

What really cheered me up was that people had flown down from Mumbai, Pune & Hyderabad for the event. We even had a couple of students coming from Tanjaore, TN. It was a platform to meet the most passionate of Flex developers in India.

The early birds..

We even had some FlashLite folks coming down. Both Vivek & Mariam are very well known people in the FlashLite Community.

Me with Vivek & Mariam

I opened the sessions with a talk on “Data Visualization in Flex 3“. If you missed it, you can catch it in the following links…

The SlideShare version of my PPT

The sessions I personally was looking forward to were the ones on Performance Tuning in AS3 by Mrinal, the Flash for Flex Developers talk by Bhavin & the talk on Cairngorm by Debabrata.

Me during my session

Mrinal in deep thought

Deb on Cairngorm

But the highlight of the day was the presentation by the InstaColl guys, where they demoed their new (and much talked about) online suite called LiveDocuments. Sumanth did an awesome job in the demo and we were all excited to see LiveDocs in action. I had heard a lot about the company and the product before the day, in connection with the famous Sabeer Bhatia. The fact that it was built in Flex made it extra sweet for us 🙂

Sumanth Raghavendra (CEO, InstaColl – Live Documents)

Live Documents in Action

I also met some very interesting people and had some very exciting discussions in the birds of a feather session. I can safely say that this was probably one of the most enjoyable conferences that I have attended… Thanks for Mrinal & Saurabh Narula (from Honeywell) for making this happen and to Abdul for the photos 🙂


7 Responses to The initRIA Conference Experience…

  1. Anupam says:

    Hay Raghu,
    Thanks for sharing the presentation. Now its ur turn to visit to Pune and help us having the same kind of event here in Pune.:)
    It was a great meeting all of the guys there in Bangalore.


  2. prashant d shelke. says:

    Hi Raghu,

    I am great fan of your articles, I am working with flex 2.0 from last 1 year & from last 5 months flex 2.0 + cairngorm.

    I now doing R & D for flex 3.0 Beta with eclipse europa.

    your articles provides very helpful & latest information to, which has costless value to me.

    Thanks for all those information provided by you.
    Thanks again,
    Prashant D Shelke.

  3. Thanks for the source Raghu, was waiting for these.

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  6. That’s a funny pic of me … I wonder during who’s session was that taken 🙂

  7. It was really a wonderful event and I am loking forward to for the next one! Thanks for the good words and pic of mine 🙂

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