Me on Kamla Bhatt Show – Part 1

Kamla Bhatt is an Indian blogger who has attained celebrity status and is acclaimed as India’s first podcaster. I had the pleasure of being introduced to Kamla at the Yahoo HackDay in Bangalore. She also covered the initRIA conference that we had conducted and also took Shantanu’s interview…

Here in this episode, I am showing the Sony Ericsson India website which has a Flex App which will let you shop for phones. Then I go onto talk about AIR. But there is a small blooper in there. While explaining the AIR runtime, Kamla interjects and asks me if we need to install the AIR runtime to see the Sony Ericsson website and I say yes 😦

The question actually was misheard by me in the din. Anyway just to clarify…

The Sony Ericsson website is made in Flex and requires only a FlashPlayer to run it. I was talking of a hypothetical situation when Sony might take the application onto the desktop and then one will have to install AIR to install that desktop App…

Here’s the episode:


3 Responses to Me on Kamla Bhatt Show – Part 1

  1. Looking good dude !!

    I had no clue Kamla covered initRIA … can you pass on the link please

  2. Nice to see it Raghu!I think I have also seen her coverage somewhere!

  3. […] Me on Kamla Bhatt Show – Part 2 Here’s Part-1 of the interview […]

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