Welcome Anirudh & Sujit

Our evangelism team here in India got a boost last month when two bright guys joined our team. I’m extremely happy to welcome them to the family.

Anirudh Sasikumar is a hardcore programmer who comes to us from the world of C++ & Linux. He loves LISP and OpenGL and loves to dive into anything where he can apply his mind. He joins us from Procsys and has tried his hand at Flex & AJAX before.

 Sujit Reddy has muddled his hands in Java, J2EE, Flash & ActionScript2.0. He is surely a go-getter with a lot of enthusiasm packed within.

You should check out their blogs, they have already stared to post some very interesting stuff there… 🙂


2 Responses to Welcome Anirudh & Sujit

  1. This is really good news for us. Wish Anirudh and Sujit all the best!

  2. anujgakhar says:

    Its good to see Flex community growing in India. Good stuff!

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