Flex3.0 & AIR 1.0 release and some goodies

Every blog I look around on announces the coming of the new Era of Flex3.0 & AIR. Yesterday, I was at the Flex User Group Meeting at Adobe Bangalore Office and I could see the excitement in the eyes of all who were present. Check out these “Flex Behind The Scenes” videos by Matt Chotin, our Product Manager…

There are some more news in conjunction with this…

  1. 30onair.com – What is 30onair?
  2. opensource.adobe.com – Here is what we promised. The new opensource.adobe.com site is going live and will serve as a hub for Adobe open source projects, news and more. For open source projects like the Flex SDK and BlazeDS, the site has related content,a subversion source control tree that anyone can use, and links to the bugs base and forums. We are also linking to other open source projects, and related events. The site currently has 9 projects running.
  3. developer.adobe.com – developer.adobe.com spots an improved look, with better navigation & search facilities.
  4. Kick A** Live Docs – I personally was not a big fan of the Flex 2 live docs. But Flex 3 live-docs rocks. Check it out !

More to follow 🙂


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