RIA Architecture Summit 2008

The RIA Architect Summit on 3rd April 2008 was a really exciting affair. We had gurus like Ben Forta, James Ward & David Wadhwani (GM & VP Platform Business Unit, Adobe) on stage.

The event started off at a very small scale with just 100-150 people planned. But as we started inviting people the demand just went through the roof, that we had to open it up. We finally had over 400 people attending the event that saw the venue logistics being stretched to the limit.

The Venue

Full house, with Naresh Gupta & David in the foreground

Naresh Gupta (MD, Adobe India R&D Center) kick started the proceedings with his talk on “RIA Past, Present & Future“. Then David followed with “The Adobe RIA Platform” and showed the audience what our tools could do. There was a lot of interest and excitement around Thermo. It really blew some people’s minds πŸ™‚

The best session of the day was by Ben. He did not have a single PPT silde and just built applications ground up. His is very skilled at innovating in his presentations. I told him before his talk that there are a good number of CF (Cold Fusion) developers in the crowd, so Ben instantly switched gears and started showing a Flex front-end for a CF based back-end.

James then came in and showed the differnet ways in which one could wire a flex application to the backend. Both Ben & James gave ample air-time to AIR too when they converted most of the code they wrote in Flex to work with AIR, with the same backed. Then we had lunch πŸ™‚

Both Ben & James were treated like rockstars and James even had a long line of guys waiting to get his autographs. In fact, the first thing that the two early birds wanted is to have a photo with Ben.

Ben with his admirers

James signing autographs

After lunch, we had a partner & user showcase. We had 6 people come on stage and show their solutions built on Flex. These guys were:

  1. IVYComptechpartypoker.com
  2. Borland – Testing Flex Applications with Silk Test
  3. Business Objects – AIR based BO widgets
  4. instaCollLiveDocuments demo
  5. radViewLoad Testing Flex Applications
  6. CognizanteMortgage Solution based on Flex

James come back again and talk about RIA Best Practices. He showed a lot of do’s & dont’s with respect to RIA development including how to make your application follow the MVC coding pattern.

We then had a session titled “Getting the ACT Together“, the ACT being Academia, Community & Training. We had a professor from KMIT, Osmania University to talk on Flex in eduction, our very own Mrinal to talk about the Flex Community & Himanshu Modi from TechnoPoint on Flex Training in India.

At this point, a special thanks to Mrinal for live streaming the whole session on qik.com on his channel. Here is the link…

Mrinal and his equipment πŸ™‚

Then me & Sunil had our AIR session that wrapped up the show. We then had a tech fair with various demos, discussions and white-boarding sessions. I personally met a lot of people and had a wonderful time.

The Demos

Harish & Me with Ben & James, after the summit

To see the fulls set of photos from the event, you can go to my flickr album


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  1. Hey Raghu

    Thats a scary picture of me πŸ™‚ … I think I saw you secretly taking a picture of me and as I looked at you suspiciously .. you clicked πŸ™‚


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