See you at BarCamp Bangalore

I will be wandering around at Barcamp Bangalore 6 on 19th and 20th April at IIMB. Really looking forward to it. Mrinal wanted to organize an RIA Collective but this time the BarCamp guys have decided to do away with collectives thingy 🙂

Me and Harish (my partner in crime) are planning to do sessions on Rich Internet Applications development with Adobe Technologies, specifically Flex & AIR.

I hope to meet up with various and varied kinds of people. If you are developing, want to develop or just curious what the hell RIAs are, feel free to hunt me down for a chat…

You can reach me on my mobile – +91 98866 41157 and I look like in the pic on the top right of this blog page. See you all there !

Update (16th April):

Had a discussion yesterday with Anirudh (my colleague), Mrinal, Lakshman (Infy) & Pandurang (The MS Evangelist). We drew up the basic framework of sessions and can be seen on the BCB6 Sessions page, under the title “The RIA Story”. Already have plans of covering Flash, Flex, AIR, AJAX, GWT, Silverlight, WPF among others, anyone else who want to join the fray, contact Mrinal and we can plan it accordingly…


2 Responses to See you at BarCamp Bangalore

  1. Prateek says:

    Lets catch up there buddy 🙂

  2. raghunathrao says:

    Looking forward to it…

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