Adobe India Flex Team Blogroll

April 21, 2008

I have heard from several quarters that the Flex team in India is not as active as the rest. Actually people are grossly mistaken.

In Flex3, the India team worked on the Data Visualization part of the release, which included the AdvancedDataGrid, OLAPGrid, Charts..etc. They have been contributing greatly on the forums, actively answering the questions there and also writing blog posts on the same.

Anyway, the intent of this post is to list all the team blogs so that people can subscribe to those they are interested in…

The Engineering Team Blogs

The Evangelists

What I have also done is that I have used Yahoo Pipes to combine all these feeds into a single RSS Feed that you can subscribe to… Go grab it here !

To any Yahoo Pipes guys out there… Yahoo Pipes is not validating the feeds from WordPress, but it is doing so for Blogspot. So it shows the correct names for those blogs are on blogspot, but unable to do the same for the ones on wordpress…