Adobe RIA Workshop at Pune, the Experience…

I just came back from Pune where I was at the Adobe RIA Workshop. It was a whole day event by us targeted at giving the audience, information on RIAs and how to build them using Flex & AIR. I am very happy that it went really well and I enjoyed meeting the Pune designers & developers and the rich interacition I managed with them.

There were around 150 people in the Deccan Rendevous hall on Apte Road and many had problems finding seating to begin with. Here are a few snaps, thanks to Anand Vardhan

The morning session was all mine, where I talked about RIAs, Web2.0 & how to design applications for the same. We talked about some things to remember while developing RIAs. Then I introduced the Adobe Technology Platform with Flash Player & AIR and also the whole slew of technologies around it.

People were specially interested in AIR & Thermo. The Thermo video generated a fair bit of Ooohs & Aaahs from the crowd 🙂 .You can download the presentations (PDF) below.

Intro to RIAs | Adobe Technology Platform

A lot of people came and asked me a lot of questions and I was very exicited to be with the crowed. It was not the run of the mill crowd that I usually get in Bangalore, which usually consist of Java & .NET guys, but this crowd was a good mix of Developers & Designers and that too from various backgrounds. We had hardcore animators, designers who moved into flash from the 3D world, ActionScript developers, Java, .NET and even Rails guys…

In the afternoon, Vyshakh had a very interesting session of Flex in 30 minutes for everyone. Then he went onto the most exciting part of the day for me, which showed off the Flex – CS3 integration stressing the Designer-Developer workflow that is core to all…

The last 2 sessions was mine again which was a coding demo on how to create a small RIA on the Web & then port it to the desktop. The questions again showed the knowledge and well rounded construction of the crowd. Here is the source code (Fx projects files & FLAs) for the code walkthough…

Coding Demo Source

I had a ball of a time with an audience that was every bit enthusiastic and gave out several Flex books and other Shwags.

Another high point of the day was meeting some of the Pune guys personally. May it be Anand Vardhan, who is going to head the Pune User Group or Priyank, who is all excited to organize a Hackday style Flex event in Pune. The whole experience is one that I will learn a lot from, as i got to look at Flex from a designers perspective, something I have never had the opportunity before…


3 Responses to Adobe RIA Workshop at Pune, the Experience…

  1. Rajesh says:

    Hey Raghu,

    This was a great session and I really enjoyed being a part of it. I have been attending Adobe workshops for last three years, but this was really excellent. You made a very good rapport with the audience and we all were opened to discuss all our queries.

    Thanks for sharing the code and presentation.

    My best wishes to you. Keep it up.


  2. Hi Raghu,
    A step ahead in formation of a proper FUG in Pune. We have got our very own domain name which directly takes us to the FUG community home page.


  3. Hackday Bookmarks… user has just tagged your post as hackday!…

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