CF goes the Flex way – ColdFusion free for education

CF has finally gone the Flex way. I was itching to blog about this for so long and the CF team was literally holding me back…

Last night at CFUnited, we announced that ColdFusion is going to be available free for educational purposes. Quoting Ben

ColdFusion would be made freely available for educational use (including students and faculty). The program is modeled on the Adobe Flex Builder 3 Pro for Education program, and will use similar distribution and similar eligibility and verification requirements

ColdFusion is to Server developement, what Flex is to RIA. A platform for Rapid-Application-Development. Its so simple and elegent, I am amazed how so little code can achieve so less. The usual install comes with A JRUN Server, but you can choose to deploy it on the J2EE Server of your choice.

Here’s the best place to go to learn about CF

The only frustrating part is that the program is not  immediate availabile due to some delay in set up of the infrastructure. I will keep you posted on the “Going Live” announcement within the next few weeks.

This is sure to push the killer combo of Flex & CF into colleges…


3 Responses to CF goes the Flex way – ColdFusion free for education

  1. Its a great news for everyone. Hoping to get it free for the developers as well .. some day 😉

    But for now this will definitely increase awareness and interest of young developers/student towards CF.

    ColdFusion is an awesome ServerSide support for RIA thus it should be promoted with the same dedication and devotion as Flex is being promoted.

    Way to go.. Adobe ..

  2. […] came across some interesting information today regarding ColdFusion when I stumbled onto Raghunath Rao’s blog. Adobe announced at CFUnited that they have decided to make ColdFusion freely available for […]

  3. raZorTT says:


    Has there been any more information regarding how to go about obtaining CF?



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