Coming Soon : Adobe Flex Developer Event in Bangalore (with a free Flex Builder license for attendees)

I have been itching to talk about this for a while. We have been planning this for months now and yesterday we finally got the licenses approved for all the attendees who will be attending the event.

The developer event is going to be next month and is going to be a 2 day extravaganza with multiple tracks for Beginner and Intermediate/Expert Flex developers. Stay tuned for more updates…

If you are interested in knowing more, leave your name and email here (I promise I wont spam… )

Please blog about this and get people to sign up… ๐Ÿ™‚


18 Responses to Coming Soon : Adobe Flex Developer Event in Bangalore (with a free Flex Builder license for attendees)

  1. Abdul Qabiz says:

    That’s cool. I am looking forward to it. Are you going to post the schedule/agenda for the event?



  2. raghunathrao says:

    Coming Soon !! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. saurabh narula says:

    i am waiting for the announcement raghu!!
    sure gonna be a kick ass event!!!

  4. Hi Raghu

    Sreedhar Ambati (from Proteans Software solutions) here.
    I am waiting for the event. And want to move to Adobe.
    I need your help

    I blogged about this event at these places:

    Sreedhar Ambati

  5. Mayur says:

    Raghu, This is great.

    But, isn’t it really unfair for the developers of India who are not in Bangalore ?

  6. raghunathrao says:

    @ Ambati – Thanks for spreading the word around

    @Mayur – Isn’t it worth coming to Bangalore for a Flex Builder license?

  7. Great stuff man .. most likely I will attend as we do a lot of flash stuff and I am considering checking out flex. Been using openlaszlo so far

    Prateek Dayal

  8. Udai says:

    Catch ya soon!

  9. […] has announced on his blog that Adobe will give out free Flex Builder licenses to everyone who attends their upcoming Flex […]

  10. Thiru says:

    its very good idea, I will be happy if the event is in October first week or so since I will back to India only after sep 25th


  11. Arul Prasad says:

    Pretty cool dude,

    I’ll try to align a break from work here, around that period, and make it there. Let us know the dates.


  12. Hemadri says:

    Great! Quite intresting. Will catch it

  13. Neelakandan says:

    Hi Raghu,

    Its a great new for flex Addicts like me.

    Like to know more about this…..

    Thanks in Advance!!


  14. Nirav Mehta says:

    This is very interesting.. I think giving the licenses like this will be a first time for Adobe! I look forward to further details!

  15. Hi Raghu,

    There should be same events in Pune too. So that we are able to attend such things too. I want to attend the event.

  16. Hi Raghu,
    gr8 to hear this. I look forward to attend the event.

  17. Niec to know that Adobe is giving away free flex Flex Builder license. I wish If were in India [:(]. Good luck for the event!

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