The MSRIT Mojo – Flex Bootcamp [Day 2]

I was said that we are starting by 08:30 and I reached the gates of MSRIT, dot at 08:45 (damn Bangalore traffic). I reached the lab, thinking the few contestants await me there and that they too must have had the same experience with the traffic as me.

But lo! the hall was full and as Meghana told me, it had been since 08:15… wow. I saw several of them had tired faces and were concentrating hard to build one of the 4 applications that we had given them to build:

  • An airline booking system
  • A photo album viewer
  • A video player/organizer
  • A quiz

I quizzed some of them and found that they have been up all night going through Devent and the Flex in a Week videos. I admire their commitment and applaud their efforts.

Till 15:00, they were onto building the applications with a little bit of help from us. Special thanks to our community member Mr. Vipin from Impelsys Software, who accompanied us to help these budding programmers.

Jyoti (Head, R&D, AztechSoft) speaking in the closing ceremony

At 3 the mayhem started. We had the whole 200 split into 3 labs and we had to do an evaluation of over 100 applications and select about 20 of them for final evaluation. We had the Evangelism team, Ananth and Ms. Jyoti (Head, R&D , AztechSoft) doing the final evaluation.

Aditya & Nutan from CMRIT, Bangalore came out as winners. Congrats guys! We had a great closing ceremony, with a whole lt of interaction. Thanks to the whole MSRIT team including Kavya, Bhavana, Meghana, Priyanka, Prateek and others for making this a grand success…

Its done… It was fun but tiring

Winners – Aditya & Nuthan from CMRIT, Bangalore

CMRIT, the Champions

The volunteers – Thanks guys, you were awesome

At PizzaHut

We all headed out to dinner at PizzaHut before we called it a day…

I have a feeling that I am gonna see a lot more from MSRIT and that I will be visiting often 🙂


2 Responses to The MSRIT Mojo – Flex Bootcamp [Day 2]

  1. megcloud9 says:

    right feeling ! 🙂 and this post refreshed all the memories !

  2. Prashanth says:

    They sure deserve that Pizza Hut dinner, the event was nice organized-dddd !!!!! 😀

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