sandbox violation – find answers to your Flex questions…

  • How can we speed up the performance of DataGrid when there is a lot of data?
  • How do we reduce SWF size so that the download times are lesser?
  • My Flex application works fine when run from Flex Builder, but when deployed to server, I get security related errors. Why?

You always had questions like this and never knew where to go to get answers? Anirudh Sasikumar, a Technical Evangelist at Adobe has created a project called sandboxviolation. In his own words, sand box violation is  “for the flex and flash community where users can post questions / answers and vote a question or answer up or down earning reputation points along the way”.

Its available in 2 flavors:

Flex App on Google App Engine | An AIR app with offline support

Check it out, benefit from it, post your questions, answer other’s questions, vote answers up/ down and help the community churn high quality content…

Addendum: Anirudh’s written a Syntax Highlighting in AS3 as part of the above project which is awesome and then opensourced the code which has now created quite a buzz. Check it out too 🙂


7 Responses to sandbox violation – find answers to your Flex questions…

  1. Peter Witham says:

    This is a great idea for an application, no more searching for answers. Thanks for sharing, this may save me many headaches when I make the player unhappy 🙂

  2. Anand says:

    Nice effort, but am wondering how does this different from our communities or user group forums.

    Doesnt this same pill in new packet ?

  3. Some differences:

    Voting to encourage that good posts stay on top and users who contribute good content are recognized. An upvote on your question or answer gets you 10 points. A downvote takes away 10 points. The users view is ordered by points gained.

    Syntax highlighting to visually help read code better; heavy moderation (by me) so that only relevant and re-usable questions remain.

    Also, the site is aimed at intermediate to expert level questions. Though this is not a hard or stead-fast rule. With the AIR version, you have the data offline as well.

    Open to any sort of feedback from the community (more votes a feature gets, that *will* get implemented):

  4. As far as the “reputation” system is concerned, it works; check out your points, Anand. 🙂

  5. Ian says:

    Great resource ..
    People should also check the Flex Cookbook @

  6. Mike S says:

    This looks like a gross ripoff of

  7. It is. (“heavily inspired” is a polite term).And it has been mentioned in the About, Jeff has seen it as well.

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