Won the Yahoo! Hackday, thanks to Flex :)

February 15, 2009

Just back from the Yahoo! Open Hackday India. It was 2 days of mayhem, hardcore coding and fun.I teamed up with Harish for the event and was looking forward to having some fun…

Since I was a speaker at the last HackDay, I knew that it was 24 hrs of hacking and then a 90 seconds elevator pitch at the end of it. Me and Harish decided to make a hack in an improved version of colrful. It integrated Color Search on Flickr, Photos based on reverse geo-coding, Boss Image Search and more… We were really excited.

Once we started hacking, I had a crazy idea. Why don’t we build an application in 90 seconds. An on-stage demo that would be fun and show the power of Flex. We built a fully functional Boss Image Search Application in 90 seconds. What’s awesome is that its just 13 lines of code. We used a HTTPService to connect to the Boss Image Search service and bound the results to the display shelf. We even managed to implement pagination and applied a Yahoo! Flex Skin to it.

When we went on stage and started coding, I made some mistakes in coding it up. There was a confusion about the timer and we actually finished just as the 90 seconds bell rang out… The crowd was cheering us and the adrenaline rush was really awesome. You get the code below.


and here’s what it resulted in:

Though we did not win for colrful, we won the prize in the Best “Gone in 90 seconds” category and won an iPod Touch. It was really the power of Flex that made this crazy idea possible. I am proud that I am the Flex Evangelist. Go Flex!


At Yahoo Hackday

February 14, 2009

I’m at Yahoo! Open Hack 2009 in Bangalore at Taj Residency. Just got in and Pranav is talking about YAP. Pranav is an old friend from Macromedia days, nice to meet him here. I’ll be here till tomorrow evening. Drop me in to say hi if you are at the venue.

Invitation for Flash Ahead

January 13, 2009

Here’s announcing Flash Ahead… The event that will showcase the future of the Flash platform to the Indian audience for the first time.

Date: 17th January, 2009

Venue: Lalit Ashok (erstwhile Grand Ashok), Bangalore

Time: 09:00 to 18:00

At Flash Ahead we are going to announce the selected finalists of riathon’08 and they will battle it out in an on-stage showdown of application, in front of the crowd and judges. Later in the day, the results will be announced and prizes will be distributed. You will also get to see the latest technologies on the Adobe Flash Platform.

Flash Ahead is your opportunity to catch the very first preview in India of latest in the RIA world that was previewed at MAX 2008. Sneak peeks into Gumbo (the next version of Flex), Flash Catalyst (earlier called Thermo), Alchemy (a technology that brings the power of high performance C and C++ libraries to Flash Player), BlazeDS.NET, Flex™ plug-in for Microsoft® Visual Studio®, Actionscript Cloud Services and much more. For more information see this page – http://adoberiathon.wordpress.com/2009/01/12/flash-ahead

There are limited seats available, so please confirm at the earliest. If you are interested in attending, RSVP at – http://endtoend.in/apps/forms/adobe/flash/adobe.htm

Sorry for the outage…

January 9, 2009

Hi All,

I am moving my examples to an adobe hosting now. The sample files may not be available for a couple of days. If you cannot find anything, drop me a mail, I will fix it and send you the link…


Invoking an AIR app from another AIR app

December 22, 2008

Today I was just trying to see how to launch one AIR app from another… The idea struck me when I was reading –Installing and running an AIR applications from a web page documentation on livedocs and I thought it is worth posting here.

There is an air.swf file file at [http://airdownload.adobe.com/air/browserapi/air.swf]. One can invoke a launchApplication() method on the file to interact with the AIR runtime and launch installed AIR applications from a web page in a browser. I decided to use the same file to launch AIR apps from another AIR app. To get this working, the trick is very simple:

  1. Get the applicationID and the publisherID of the app intended to be invoked

    applicationID can be obtained, either from the author of the application or looking at the application.xml file funder the META-INF/AIR folder in the application install directory.

    publisherID can be obtained, either from the author of the application or in the publisherid file under the META-INF/AIR folder in the application install directory.

  2. First load the air.swf in an instance of the Loader class and set the LoaderContext as mentioned here under “Loading the air.swf file” heading.
  3. Do a check if the application is installed using the code under “Checking from a web page if an AIR application is installed” heading.
  4. Use the following code to launch the application

    var appID:String = enter applicationID here;
    var pubID:String = enter publisherID here;
    airSWF.launchApplication(appID, pubID);
  5. Done…


This would only work if the application.xml file of the application that you want to launch has the allowBrowserInvocation property set to true.

Here is an example of 2 apps, AIRAppLauncher and AIRAppLaunched. AIRAppLauncher can be used to launch AIRAppLaunched. You will have to sign the AIRAppLaunched, export as AIR, extract the publisherID, install it and use that in AIRAppLauncher for the whole workflow to work. You can download the archive here

Adobe riathon – registrations open…

November 20, 2008

If you are a Flex/ Flash /  AIR developer in India and think you can be the one behind the coolest of all  RIAs, you cannot afford to miss this event! Put on your RIA development shoes, build the coolest app that you can imagine and send it to us on or before 26th November 2008. If your application catches our attention, you will be invited to a very special event on the 29th of November at Grand Ashok, Bangalore where the top applications will go on stage for a demo showdown! This is your chance to Flash your design skills, Flex your coding muscles and AIR your demos in front of an elite judge panel & the Adobe community.

The Grand winner / winning team will walk away with a groovy Apple IPhone.

The runners up will take home with them a Sony home theater system.

What’s more, there are loads of IPod Nano’s, shuffles and Adobe branded goodies to be won.

This event also brings to you  an exclusive preview on the new developments in the Adobe Flash Platform. Experience the Flash Catalyst (code name Thermo), Gumbo(code name for the upcoming version of Flex) ,FXG and Flash Player 10.

Register today at http://adoberiathon.eventbrite.com

For more information and contest rules & regulations, please visit http://adoberiathon.wordpress.com

The MSRIT Mojo – Flex Bootcamp [Day 2]

November 18, 2008

I was said that we are starting by 08:30 and I reached the gates of MSRIT, dot at 08:45 (damn Bangalore traffic). I reached the lab, thinking the few contestants await me there and that they too must have had the same experience with the traffic as me.

But lo! the hall was full and as Meghana told me, it had been since 08:15… wow. I saw several of them had tired faces and were concentrating hard to build one of the 4 applications that we had given them to build:

  • An airline booking system
  • A photo album viewer
  • A video player/organizer
  • A quiz

I quizzed some of them and found that they have been up all night going through Devent and the Flex in a Week videos. I admire their commitment and applaud their efforts.

Till 15:00, they were onto building the applications with a little bit of help from us. Special thanks to our community member Mr. Vipin from Impelsys Software, who accompanied us to help these budding programmers.

Jyoti (Head, R&D, AztechSoft) speaking in the closing ceremony

At 3 the mayhem started. We had the whole 200 split into 3 labs and we had to do an evaluation of over 100 applications and select about 20 of them for final evaluation. We had the Evangelism team, Ananth and Ms. Jyoti (Head, R&D , AztechSoft) doing the final evaluation.

Aditya & Nutan from CMRIT, Bangalore came out as winners. Congrats guys! We had a great closing ceremony, with a whole lt of interaction. Thanks to the whole MSRIT team including Kavya, Bhavana, Meghana, Priyanka, Prateek and others for making this a grand success…

Its done… It was fun but tiring

Winners – Aditya & Nuthan from CMRIT, Bangalore

CMRIT, the Champions

The volunteers – Thanks guys, you were awesome

At PizzaHut

We all headed out to dinner at PizzaHut before we called it a day…

I have a feeling that I am gonna see a lot more from MSRIT and that I will be visiting often 🙂