ScrapBlog… Yet another FLEX Sucess Story

April 5, 2006

Yet another Flex sucess story (after Yahoo Maps among others). Eariler today, I got a mail from Matt Chotin about this site called where one can have a photoblog with loads of interactivity, all for free.. Whats more, it was made in Flex1.5. If someone can do such a great job with Flex1.5, wonder what people will do with FLex2.0.

It has a nice UI (though a bit too flashy for my taste), some cool custom components and good amalgam of technologies like Java, Flex and Applets… Loved it. I created mine, just to get a feel of it. Feels good to see your product being used so productively

Here’s my scrap blog

Try it out today… I’m sure you will love it.