Bangalore FUG meeting on 23rd Aug

August 20, 2008

The next Bangalore Flex User group is meeting is going to be held this Saturday, 23rd August, 2008 at the Adobe Campus terrace near Diary Circle [here is the map]

The meeting starts at 11:00 am… See you all there 🙂

Bangalore FUG Meeting Survey

March 25, 2008

I just saw a twitter from Mrinal (Bangalore FUG Manager) announcing a survey on surveymonkey that is aimed at making the FUG meetings better & more interesting…

Go ahead and fill it up and help us improve 🙂

While on the topic, Mrinal has arranged for some Microsoft guys to come at the next BFUG meeting and talk about Silverlight. Be there, it is going to be interesting.

Register for the event here

The initRIA Conference Experience…

December 19, 2007

The initRIA conference conducted by the Bangalore Flex User Group on Sunday, 16th Dec, 2007 was just awesome. It was a platform for me to learn a lot of things, meet other fellow Flex enthusiasts and network with guys from startups who were trying out Flex. The event had a lot of people talking on several topics…

  • Data Visualization in Flex – by Me
  • RIAjaxified – Rakshith, Adobe
  • Designing RIAs with RC pattern – Yash Mody, TeknoPoint Multimedia
  • Flash for Flex developers – Bhavin Padhiyar, SAP
  • Building Live Documents – An online Office suite leveraging RIA technologies by Sumanth Raghavendra and Adarsh Kini, InstaColl
  • Optimizing Flex and AS3 – Mrinal Wadhwa, SAP
  • Developing Flex RIAs with Cairngorm Microarchitecture Debabrata Acharjee, CapGemini
  • and a Birds of a feather session

What really cheered me up was that people had flown down from Mumbai, Pune & Hyderabad for the event. We even had a couple of students coming from Tanjaore, TN. It was a platform to meet the most passionate of Flex developers in India.

The early birds..

We even had some FlashLite folks coming down. Both Vivek & Mariam are very well known people in the FlashLite Community.

Me with Vivek & Mariam

I opened the sessions with a talk on “Data Visualization in Flex 3“. If you missed it, you can catch it in the following links…

The SlideShare version of my PPT

The sessions I personally was looking forward to were the ones on Performance Tuning in AS3 by Mrinal, the Flash for Flex Developers talk by Bhavin & the talk on Cairngorm by Debabrata.

Me during my session

Mrinal in deep thought

Deb on Cairngorm

But the highlight of the day was the presentation by the InstaColl guys, where they demoed their new (and much talked about) online suite called LiveDocuments. Sumanth did an awesome job in the demo and we were all excited to see LiveDocs in action. I had heard a lot about the company and the product before the day, in connection with the famous Sabeer Bhatia. The fact that it was built in Flex made it extra sweet for us 🙂

Sumanth Raghavendra (CEO, InstaColl – Live Documents)

Live Documents in Action

I also met some very interesting people and had some very exciting discussions in the birds of a feather session. I can safely say that this was probably one of the most enjoyable conferences that I have attended… Thanks for Mrinal & Saurabh Narula (from Honeywell) for making this happen and to Abdul for the photos 🙂

initRIA: 15 more seats added on public demand, 12 available as of now

December 14, 2007



I was talking to Mrinal and he mentioned we will be adding some more seats due to public demand for the initRIA conference and now he’s blogged about 15 seats being available.

Hurry, grab your seat, if you haven’t done so already. Looks like India is really taking big strides in the RIA domain. I was really happy to see Ryan Stewart blogging about the conference. Its going to be an awesome sunday.

Lastly, even I wanted to make an appeal to the people who earlier registered and now cannot attend due to some unforeseen reason. Please un-register so that someone else could attend in your place.

InitRIA Conference in Bangalore on 16th Dec 2007

December 11, 2007

initRIA is a day long developer conference of Rich Internet Applications enthusiasts, at HoneyWell Technology Solutions (opposite IIM Bangalore), Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. The conference is on 16th of Dec 2007 (Sunday).

Please register if you have not done so already. There are limited number of seats and registrations will be closing soon..

I am speaking at the conference , hope to see you all there… If you are the venue, do come and chat with me. I look something like this 🙂

Flex India is going great guns

September 3, 2007

Flex India is going great guns… Gone are the times when I, Mrinal & Abdul, among others were plotting how to get Flex to take off in India. It seems like ages back when we had the first Flex Developers meeting at Bangalore to brainstorm with John Koch, about the future of the Flex Community in India. Flex India today is not only up on its feet, but its ready for the race. Here are some stats that prove it…

FlexCoders is the grapewine for all Flex Community. Its a thriving group which has more than 7500 ( 7518 to be precise) people registered. This group has earned its reputation as a prime point where people can get their questions answered. Now lets compare it with the nascent group that is Flex-India.

Flex-India started off in July 2006 (while FlexCoders has been around from March 2004). It already has 430 people registered on it. This might look like a small number, but is sizable considering the fact that flexCoders is an international congregation of Flex developers, while Flex-India is regional. Just last month, we had more than 30 people joining the group, which is a very encouraging sight.

Another exciting factor is the traffic on flex-india. Take a look at the statistics below.

I tried to compare these monthly figures as a percentage of the corresponding traffic on flexcoders. This is what came out of it (I know i could have done these charts much better in Flex, but I just wanted to learn how to create charts in Excel 🙂 )

Click on the graph to see the full stats

I couldn’t believe that the average traffic on flex-india in the last 3 months has been around 20% as much as that on flexcoders. The fact that flexCoders is about 60 times the size of flex-india, just adds to the pride. I realize that these figurers are powered by the Services Companies in India and their clients abroad, but still the fact that the Flex Developer base in India is on a steady rise is a very heartening fact.

Additionally, it is personally gratifying to see that this rise began after March 2007, when we all got together and decided to do something about the Flex Community in India. Kudos to Mrinal who has been the cornerstone of community development in India from outside of Adobe. Being a flex developer himself for SAP, his passion for Flex matches that of any engineer on the Flex Team.

The flex developer community in India is getting stronger by the day. We now have active communities in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Bangalore and many more mushrooming by the day. Flex is Rocking India and India is Rocking Flex… This achievement is remarkable and I congratulate everyone who have been involved. Way to go 🙂

Chennai FUG on 8th June – Pics

June 16, 2007

Being my usual self… I forgot to take pics at the Chennai FUG (same thing happened to me at Bangalore). Thanks to Uday, who rounded up who ever was left and clicked some photos…


 We at Hey Math

We at Hey Math

After the FUG meetin

After the FUG meeting with Anantaraman,

Uday & Others…