Abrupt YouTube security policy change

January 16, 2007

Due to abrupt youTube security policy change, my youTube App doesnt work anymore 😦

Possibly due to an exploit, youTube abruptly changed their crossdomain.xml file to only allow access from the youtube.com domain. As a result, YouTube developer API calls no longer work if the SWF exists in a non-youtube.com domain. You can read more on this on Joe’s Blog here.

Woe is me… I think i’ll try to port my app to the new BrightCove API that i came across today. Lets wait and watch 🙂

It seems Flickr did it too… seems like Death of open crossdomain.xmls. Read the post by Renaun Erickson

Card Layout – Draft 1

January 15, 2007

This is just a draft and its a simple application (with just over 100 lines of code). I finally intent to wrap it into a FLEX Container. So here’s my Card Layout

The Card Layout in Java is similar to the View Stack implementation in FLEX. But when i first heard about this layout in awt package, I always expected it to be a container where views animate like flipping cards. It was quite a disappointment. So i decided to write one in FLEX & decided to call it Card Layout.

You can get the application and the code at these links…