Speaking at the Flash Platform & CF pre-Launch event in Chennai

June 19, 2009

On the 27th June 2009, The CF & Flex User Groups in Chennai are collaborating to conduct a Flash Platform & CF pre-Launch event at Hotel Dee Cee Manor in Chennai. It is a full day event with ColdFusion and Flash Platform Sessions followed by Hands-on experience using Flash Builder and ColdFusion. Bring your laptops so that you can experience the software yourselves.

I will be there from Adobe along with Manju Kiran, a Sr.Lead Software Engineer Adobe ColdFusion team and will show exciting new features of the next generation of CF & Flash Platform.

It is a free event. Register here… Seats limited! See you all in Chennai on the 27th

[Bookmark This Page] Aggregation of Flash Builder 4 Blog Posts

June 1, 2009

My colleague and good friend, Sujit  is aggreagating some of the very cool tutorials, articles and feature walk-through posts by the Flash Builder & Evangelism teams. Be sure you book mark it. You can see it here:


Connecting to WebServices with the Data Centric Development (DCD) feature in Flash Builder 4 – Part 3

June 1, 2009

This is Part 3 of a 3 part series:

This is a continuation posts about working with Web Services in Flash Builder 4. Here you can see the screen cast of the whole work flow that I described in the other 2 parts. To view the screen cast, click on the image below or download it here (right-click and select Save-As) 🙂

Click on the image above to see the screen cast

Connecting to WebServices with the Data Centric Development (DCD) feature in Flash Builder 4 – Part 2

June 1, 2009

This is Part 2 of a 3 part series:

This is a continuation of my Web Services import which was discussed in Part 1. Once you have imported the Web Service it’s time to build the UI and bind the service to it.

Step 3 – Building the UI

Go to the design view and drag and drop a ComboBox. Right click and click on “Bind to Data”.

This throws a wizard where you can choose the service you want to bind it to, which in this case is getCountries().

Click “OK” and run the application. You should see the following

Now lets get the population details for a selected item on the combobox. This is simple. Click on the ComboBox and click “Generate Details Form”

This throws a pop-up where you can choose which operation to call on change and what to display.

It automatically redirects to the code view and ask you to provide the parameter for the getPopulation() method.

So change

protected function comboBox_changeHandler(event:ListEvent):void

{ getPopulationResult.token = populationService.getPopulation(strCountry);}


protected function comboBox_changeHandler(event:ListEvent):void

{getPopulationResult.token = populationService.getPopulation(comboBox.selectedItem.toString());}

Now go to design view, reposition the generated Form and run the app and we have a fully functional application served by a webservice.  Just to make it pretty, I added a prompt to the ComboBox.

In the next part, you can see a screencast of the workflow that was defined in Part 1 & Part 2.