Thesaurus Roamer

March 31, 2007

I chanced on the site of Mark Shepherd. Some pretty neat Flex work. I was really impressed by the simplicity and elegance of the Thesaurus Roamer application using the Spring Graph component written by him. Really cool. Click on the pic below and see the application

I never knew Moxie meant so much 🙂

Here are some more of his Flex Apps using the SpringGraph component

  1. Amazon Roamer
  2. SpringGraph Explorer
  3. Roamer Demo
  4. Molecule Viewer

What’s more… all of them come with source. Feel free to right click and View Source 🙂


Flex In India

March 30, 2007

Hi All,

I have added a “Flex In India” tab on my blog sidebar… All you Indian FLEX developers out there, drop me a mail @ rrao at adobe dot com, and I’ll add your blog here…


My Favorites – My first Apollo App

March 28, 2007

Apollo has been out for some days now and being one of the guys on the Flex team working on Apollo, i felt that i should put out some Apollo App. I was planning stuff for so long that it never materialized 🙂

So today i decided to write one and wrote it in half hour. Its called “My Favorite App”. It reads your favorites from a text file on the file system (saved as links.txt) and loads them into your app and you can use it to switch between each of these easily. As of now the app, by default has Orkut, Yahoo Mail & Google Mail as the favorites.

My Favorites App

I’ll be soon getting out another version where you can edit/add favourites thru the app itself. But for now, you will have to manually edit the links.txt. What’s more i have also bundled the source of the app with the app itself. You can see how easy it is to write an app like this for the desktop.

But you’ll need the Apollo Runtime apollo0.jpg before you install this (like you need .NET framework to run .NET applications)

Then download the Installer for my App (called MyFavorites.air)

Hello WordPress

March 28, 2007

I have finally moved all my posts from my blogspot address to the wordpress one. It was relatively easy, thanks to the import facility in wordpress, but still tweaks had to be made. I’m looking forward to this 🙂

Innofest Web2.0 Workshop

March 25, 2007

I have been taking “Web2.0 & RIA” course at International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (or IIITB for short) for sometime now, with Ram and Praveen among others. Its been a quite wonderful experience for me to actually impress upon an audience what FLEX is all about.

Recently,they approached us to do a Web2.0 workshop for their techfest called Innofest07 (by the way, their website is made in Flex, quite a commendable work). So me and Ram went there this Friday to do the workshop whose theme was Web2.0, FLEX & Mashups.

Ram started off with the intro about what Web2.0 is and about the basics of Flex. Then it was my turn. I was a bit sceptical to begin with, as almost all the people who attended the workshop had never used FLEX or even heard about it. But we set sail… I did a live code mashup of a FLEX App pulling photos from Yahoo Photos! using their REST service.

To my delight, the audience not only enjoyed it, but also took part in a small code jam afterward, where they extended the application to include Yahoo Travel Search! It was amazing that they could actually build a Mashup using two web services (they probably hadn’t heard about) and using a technology that they had never used, in a span of just 2 hours… really, FLEX rocks! And what’s more the guys with the best app went home with a free FlexBuilder licence

I have uploaded the files from the workshop, you can see them at the links below.

  1. Yahoo Photo Search using REST in XML format (what I did at the workshop)
  2. Yahoo Photo Search using REST in JSON format ( JSON has caught my fancy these days)
  3. The source (you can right click and do a view source on the above apps too)
  4. Some extras – the CSS, the JSON parser library & assets (in the above link itself)

Some acknowledgements to be made here…

An afternoon with John & fellow Bangalore Flex Developers

March 12, 2007

John Koch is the Developer Relations Manager for India for Adobe products like FLEX, ColdFusion, Flash Mobile …etc. Thanks to Abdul (for making this day possible) and Mrinal (for booking the place and getting people together).

I was surprised to see that there are so many people already doing FLEX development in Bangalore. There’s Adobe (obviously), SAP, Mogulus, SunGard and bunch of free lancers and flash guys who recently picked up FLEX.

We had a nice chat about what can be done for the FLEX community in India and also some of their pain points with FLEX too…

As Mrinal puts it, “Thus the seeds for the Bangalore Flex community has been sown”. We need to nurture this to make it a success. Keep watching for updates.

From L-R : Mrinal, John Koch, Abdul,
The Mogulus guys (Mark & Phil) and Me

Also read Abdul’s and Mrinal’s blog posts about the same…

For some reason, this post was in my drafts, just saw it today…
Says a lot about my “active blogging”. I should be more careful…

JSON – A lightweight way of passing Data

March 10, 2007

I was at the Web2.0 Conference held by the Computer Society of India Bangalore Chapter (CSIBC) at Royal Orchid in Bangalore. There was Philip from Yahoo Bangalore talking on JSON.

(JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is easy for humans to read and write. The advantage of JSON is that its very light-weight and has none of the markup problems associated with the XML Interchange. Its fast evolving as a preferred data-interchange format, majorly being pushed by Yahoo. Its really worth taking a look at. Yahoo is giving a lot of its Services which were traditionally XML based now in JSON & serialized PHP as well. Here are some links that will let you deep-dive in JSON.

I was really excited with JSON and started some primary explorations with it. It turned up an AS3 Core Lib, which includes a JSON parser for AS3 (i.e FLEX). I will put up a Yahoo Photo Search soon with JSON and using the AS3-JSON Parser