High Performance AIR Applications

Oliver Goldman from the AIR Team did a presentation at MAX on “High Performace AIR Applications”. In case you missed it, catch it here.


2 Responses to High Performance AIR Applications

  1. Ajay Pratap Singh says:

    Hi Raghu,
    I am making a application(Network Simulator) using AIR, in which there are some inputs, a java class will process them send the result back and a chart will display the result (throughput vs load).
    Now the problem is how i can use my java class file with AIR?? java class file is also making connection with Mysql database for login and other CRUD operations.
    This is an stand alone application running on desktop to simulate the Wireless network.
    Kindly suggest me some method, if possible please send me any tutorial on it or a sample program so that i can test how to rum java class in AIR with database interaction.
    My Email id is: ajay.pratap@iiitb.net


  2. Take a look at Merapi – http://www.merapiproject.net/. Merapi is the bridge between AIR and Java.

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